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VW and Audi give back Green Car of the Year awards

Volkswagen subsidiaries Audi and Skoda confirmed on Monday that more than 3 million of their automobiles were equipped with devices to cheat diesel emissions tests, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reports.

Attempting to make a virtue of a necessity, Audi of America President Scott Keogh said in a statement, “Audi has won hundreds of races and thousands of awards throughout its history. But we only want to win fair and square. Therefore, in light of recent developments, we believe the only right thing to do is to return this important recognition of environmental stewardship.”

The remaining vehicles, assumedly around 2,400 models, are current-generation 2015 model year A3 TDIs, which use urea injections to reduce emissions unlike the older diesel engines – though they are still noncompliant with EPA standards due to the cheating mechanism. There was no 2014 model year for the Audi A3 in America.

Volkswagen of America has also agreed to return its award.

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Travel Madrid in Style and Comfort with Private Car Services

Private Car Service Madrid-CityMadrid, Spain is indeed one of the most alive cities in the world. The city is rich in history, art and culture. Many people come and visit the city for business and for fun. If you are visiting Madrid, Spain and you may want to hire private car services for all your transportation needs. Private car services offer airport transfers as well as customer directed services in the city.

Reliable Transportation Options to Choose From

There are several car companies available for you to choose. They specialize in the transfer of passengers between the airport and the city. With Private Car Service Madrid, you are getting high quality transportation services with the option to choose spacious vehicles like Mercedes E Class – S class and Viano that suit your needs.

Competitive Rates and Transparency

Madrid car services offer competitive rates for you to choose. There are car companies providing very competitive rates. The rates are confirmed beforehand and without any hidden charges. The rates may vary depending on several factors like the type of vehicle used and the intended destination among others. Thus, it is best to inquire about the costs and make sure that you read the fine print of every agreement you have with the car company to ensure transparency before hiring them on the spot.

Door to Door Services

Private car services offer door to door services, from your hotel or accommodations to the airport terminal. However, they also offer customer directed services. Thus, this makes it a perfect choice for those who want to explore the city. You can visit several tourist destinations around the city with the use of excellent and reliable private car services in Madrid.

Private Drivers and Chauffeurs

You also get to choose professional and uniformed chauffeurs. You have the option to choose bilingual chauffeurs to ensure that you will not have problems with miscommunication. However, you have the option to hire car services with or without a chauffeur. If you know your way in the city, you can opt for the latter. You will be provided with complete contact information of your driver beforehand. The drivers are knowledgeable about the city and best spots for those who are first time travelers. The drivers are often courteous and polite and they are often trained to provide excellent customer service.

Perfect for Business and Leisure Travels

Hiring Private Car Service Madrid is perfect for both business and leisure travels. With the wide range of vehicles available, you can definitely enjoy the stay in comfort and style. If you are visiting, you can expect that with private car services, you will enjoy the sightseeing itinerary of your dreams. The drivers know the perfect spots in the city for travelers and tourists. However, if you are here for business, you can expect exceptional and timely service that will give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business plans. You can even assure comfort for you business associates, especially if you are bringing them with you.

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Driver Services in Paris, at your service since 2002

Based in Paris, and granted as one of the Top private luxury Parisian car services, PCSP offers since 2002 guests rental driver or car with driver for your business or tourism trips. They have been awarded with the best Paris airport pickup service by la Chambre des Transports of Paris. Try them next time you plan a better transportation option from or to any Paris airport (Roissy CDG, Orly, Beauvais), or for a discovery of the regions of France, the catalogue of their driver Services is adapted to your needs and your desires.

This was our choice this black monday on Paris instead of other massive car services available in the city of lights…

Paris, Saturday, 5 o’clock in the morning… Subway strike, and not a single taxi into the horizon. Fortunately, a smartphone and an application will allow me to find the solution. They are the new private chauffeur geolocation services that are flourishing for 18 months. It is the lack for finding a taxi in the evening in Paris (20,000 permissions) who gave the idea to Yan Manasa who launched in May 2011 with two friends, private drivers, which now has a fleet of a hundred cars in the Paris region. An opportunity seized through a change in regulation in 2010, with the law on the modernization of tourist services, creating the status of “passenger chauffeured vehicle” (VTC).

15-20% more expensive than taxis

The service is simple: after downloading and registration, the user command his vehicle. According to the companies, the price can be known in advance (private drive) or counted in kilometers. Overall, all focus on the quality of service and qualifications of their drivers. Among the services: playlists, bottles of water, chargers, booking in advance, “high-end” vehicles (Mercedes Class E, Class S,…). “The Directoir” ensures that maximum price will not exceed more than 20% of a normal race.

On the side of private driver services, the number of registered customers amounts to several tens of thousands. “We have the largest fleet of drivers in Paris, and thus the shortest average wait time (5-6minutes)”.

Previously, only taxis and services of great discounts (upper range) shared the market. An argument which defend themselves stakeholders, who like Yves Weisselberger recognize ‘an area of friction’ with taxis, but focus on the creation of a service, between traditional taxi and limousine. “Meets a place left vacant, argues Pierre Dimitri Gore Coty. Is it normal that there is the same number of taxis 30 years ago in Paris, and that we have the taxi per capita ratio lowest in Europe? No. We also work with old taxis or private hotel drivers which have largely improved their working conditions, and even developed their own fleets’.

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